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    Charles Mahoney

  • [Stepping Stones]


    Debut Novel

    Story of The Ghost


    2nd Novel

    The Gray Hound


    Studied Under James Patterson

    Late 2016

    Top 2% of AMZ books

    Dec 2017

    First Mystery Book

  • A dedicated youth pastor relocates his family for his church. Shortly after that, his young daughter falls ill. She's in the local hospital. Then must be put under. And according to the good doctor, she'll wake up very soon ...


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    Open Arms Home (SA)

    Here I am with a few of my little friends at the Open Arms Home for Children in Komga, South Africa. Open Arms is a great charity, one of six charities I support.

    (Children's Hunger Fund, Feed My Starving Children, Phoenix Rescue Mission, St. Jude's Hospital, Phoenix Children's Hospital)

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